August Updates

p1 with logo sign
P1 with quartered oak shop sign

Bike 3 – Resuming Production

Bike 3 was set aside to handle commissions (the FB update below provides a link to pic.s of some of that work) and also play with a couple of product ideas.  Broke away yesterday and resumed work on the bike . . .

Bike 3 Swing Arms in production




New Facebook Page:

Work in progress but it’s a start.   The photo gallery provides a broad sampling of products, projects, experiments, etc . . . . particularly non-bike items that I haven’t commented on here.


“Wagon Wheel” Table

I never imaged doing as much with reclaimed wood as I have over the last several years.   I naturally gravitate towards more of a free form, maybe modernish style but market forces thankfully pushed towards reclaimed materials and I’ve had fun with them.  Plus, kinda feels good to add life to something old/abandoned.

All the wood that you see in the table pictured below was salvaged/reclaimed.  Mostly “barn found” with a mix of barn wood.   The curved wood border was created from steam bent oak and hickory found in an 100+ year old dairy farm building.   It allowed me to play around with a table top shape that saves some space by allowing the chairs to nest inside the top.  And maybe makes for a feeling of closeness for those seated at.





Various items for sale . . .


P1 & P2

The bikes have continued to perform well and have become “daily riders”.   I no longer need them both so if anyone is interested in purchasing one, please contact me.   The price is $11,000.00.  PRICELESS.


2 thoughts on “August Updates

  1. Paul – if you have one available, pls send me a separate, attached picture of the wagon wheel table so I can forward it to the land owner


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