Bike Update and Misc. Pic.s – February 2017

The content here has been and will continue to be focused primarily on the bikes.  If you’re interested in “retail” products, please visit my Etsy site .   I’ve recently added some interesting products and will continue to do so.   If you’re interested in custom pieces . . . furniture, signage, millwork, etc, please call/text 404-797-0854 or email me at

With winter weather, the bikes aren’t so much daily drivers but I’m still putting on the miles.  P-1 crossed 7K and shortly thereafter it’s Cane Creek DBair developed a seal leak . . . which actually is pretty impressive given 7K would be well over the design limit (if one existed).  I’ve changed it out for a Fox coil while the DBair get’s overhauled.

fox shock

While trying to get my marketing act together, I came across various bike-related pic.s from over the last few years. Wish I would have done a better job with documenting but the toothpaste is already out of the tube.  Most of these date back to the “early years”.




Roughing stage (inside) of 1/2 a monocoque
Start of test fitting
Cane Creek DBAir.  Beautiful design.  Great guys.

IMG_2519IMG_2538bike 3 mono d profile exbike 3 mono d rear perbohicket 2

Very Early shot of P1 . . . everything except the body has changed.
Charleston Battery





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