Bike Update and Misc. Pic.s – February 2017

The content here has been and will continue to be focused primarily on the bikes.  If you’re interested in “retail” products, please visit my Etsy site .   I’ve recently added some interesting products and will continue to do so.   If you’re interested in custom pieces . . . furniture, signage, millwork, etc, please call/text 404-797-0854 or email me at

With winter weather, the bikes aren’t so much daily drivers but I’m still putting on the miles.  P-1 crossed 7K and shortly thereafter it’s Cane Creek DBair developed a seal leak . . . which actually is pretty impressive given 7K would be well over the design limit (if one existed).  I’ve changed it out for a Fox coil while the DBair get’s overhauled.

fox shock

While trying to get my marketing act together, I came across various bike-related pic.s from over the last few years. Wish I would have done a better job with documenting but the toothpaste is already out of the tube.  Most of these date back to the “early years”.




Roughing stage (inside) of 1/2 a monocoque

Start of test fitting

Cane Creek DBAir.  Beautiful design.  Great guys.

IMG_2519IMG_2538bike 3 mono d profile exbike 3 mono d rear perbohicket 2

Very Early shot of P1 . . . everything except the body has changed.

Charleston Battery







Learning and creative freedom will always be what we’re about and, as such have been driving forces behind how much we invest in equipment, software, tools and, well, time spent just playing around with ideas.   Yesterday we welcomed three sharp and inquisitive young men into the shop and gave them the opportunity to bring their unique ideas to life.  We covered the basics (jointing, planning, cutting stock) but the real fun was teaching them how to design for, program and operate our CAMaster CNC router.  Great time and hugely fulfilling.   They’ll be back next week to add the finishing touches to their creations.



August Updates

p1 with logo sign
P1 with quartered oak shop sign

Bike 3 – Resuming Production

Bike 3 was set aside to handle commissions (the FB update below provides a link to pic.s of some of that work) and also play with a couple of product ideas.  Broke away yesterday and resumed work on the bike . . .

Bike 3 Swing Arms in production




New Facebook Page:

Work in progress but it’s a start.   The photo gallery provides a broad sampling of products, projects, experiments, etc . . . . particularly non-bike items that I haven’t commented on here.


“Wagon Wheel” Table

I never imaged doing as much with reclaimed wood as I have over the last several years.   I naturally gravitate towards more of a free form, maybe modernish style but market forces thankfully pushed towards reclaimed materials and I’ve had fun with them.  Plus, kinda feels good to add life to something old/abandoned.

All the wood that you see in the table pictured below was salvaged/reclaimed.  Mostly “barn found” with a mix of barn wood.   The curved wood border was created from steam bent oak and hickory found in an 100+ year old dairy farm building.   It allowed me to play around with a table top shape that saves some space by allowing the chairs to nest inside the top.  And maybe makes for a feeling of closeness for those seated at.





Various items for sale . . .


P1 & P2

The bikes have continued to perform well and have become “daily riders”.   I no longer need them both so if anyone is interested in purchasing one, please contact me.   The price is $11,000.00.  PRICELESS.


What I do


I design and make objects that I hope to find interesting.   And, I hope,  at least a handful of folks will feel the same about them.   Many are commissioned, with a specific person, style or application in mind.  Some are conceived in collaboration with the buyer or/and another designer.  And some are just things I wanted to make.  Over the past several years, I’ve learned to better isolate my thoughts and ideas from what’s “in” . . . so I suppose there is some degree of uniqueness in my work as well.  You’ll find pic.s and related details  in posts further below.

I typically find interesting design elements in most styles and, as such, enjoy playing around with most.  If you have an idea of something  out of the ordinary the you’d like to develop and have made, please feel free to contact me.

Paul,, 404-797-0854